Monotony and Bowel Movements

My Weekend

Friday, 12:00 pm: Return from school, read Harry Potter…

Friday, 10:00 pm: Go to sleep

Saturday, 8:00 am: Wake up, make breakfast, read Harry Potter…

Saturday, 12:00pm: Take public transportation into town for Internet; talk to friends on Facebook, attempt job search

Saturday, 3:00pm: Go home, read Harry Potter (had plans with Bu, cancelled last minute), make dinner

Saturday, 7:00 pm: Accidentally shit pants (actually, Curtis’s pants, sorry :/); wash pants, read Harry Potter

Saturday, 9:00 pm: Go to bed

Sunday, 7:00 am: Wake up, read Harry Potter… … ……. .. . ….. …..

Sunday, 8:00 pm: Go to bed

Life in Indonesia is monotonous. I spend most of my days lying on my bed, reading, lighting incense out of boredom, and walking to and from the bathroom. I’ve finished nineteen books in the last four months. I’ve learned to eat rice for 2/3 meals a day and not be constipated. I’ve even taken a liking to the lizards that scale my walls because, hey, company is company. I have perfected being alone for 72 hours at a time while only tip toeing the line of insanity, and I’ve only gotten completely trashed by myself once. Honestly, all the alone time has done me some good, and I’ve grown pretty accustomed to entertaining myself.

It wasn’t until I returned from a month’s holiday spoiled with friends, family and the boyfriend that I experienced my first mental breakdown from loneliness. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I cried for like ten minutes and then popped some Tylenol pm and passed out for twelve hours. I was sad and wanted my mom and thought this shit is for the birds. BUT the next day I got a motorbike (which means freedom with a capital F!) and I found ingredients to make my grandma’s sauce, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, life was good again. So, yeah, for those who wanted an update, that’s where I’m at. Riding 20mph on a motorbike and eating cold pasta (because my stove ran out of gas).

You’d think with all of this spare time on my hands I’d written more blogs, gotten in shape, found a job… but…Harry Potter. No, actually I did write some blogs. But then never posted them. Most of them were rants about that bloke Trump (a real wart, isn’t he?) and how my angel-faced Muslim students are way cooler than him. Or about how I wanted to punt my students into the Indian Ocean when they raised their hands to say men were more important than women. Most of my would-be posts are things that I write in the heat of the moment and need some grooming before releasing to the public. So for now, I shall stick to monotony and bowel movements (not monotonous bowel movements).

As for this weekend, I will be attending a midyear conference with the other ETAs. I’m hoping this little get together will make my purpose in Indonesia clearer and boost my motivation to come back and do some work in the remaining six months. I’ll admit that these six months are looking quite intimidating, but I’ve got some things to look forward to and, if anything, I can knock some good books off my list. Let’s cross our fingers and hope 2016 has fewer bouts of food poisoning than 2015.

Also, I want to give a shout out to all of the people who have messaged me with love and support. You guys are simply lovely and I thank you.

Happy 2016 everyone! Lez go forth and kick ass.




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